The German Environmental Experts Association (German: Deutscher Expertenrat für Umwelttechnik und Infrastruktur, short: dex) was founded in 2001 as a coalition of numerous university professors in German-speaking countries and of industry representatives. They have since been involved in supporting the protection of the aquatic environment worldwide. Tasks of the dex lie in performing fundamental studies, particularily for projects located in emerging countries where appropriate technologies can be applied.

The second essential task of the dex is the transfer of knowledge between international young water professionals in the different specialist fields of drinking water and sanitary engineering. To achieve this, the dex professors anually organise a one-week summer school in cooperation with the corporate members of the dex. Through this, the dex strives to provide a platform for multi-level discussions and a forum for information exchange in the drinking water and sanitary sector.

For further information please have a look at the statutes (only in German).

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